Kennedi Dale

Eating Yummy AND Healthy to Lose Weight

Kennedi Dale
Eating Yummy AND Healthy to Lose Weight

My freshman year of college, I lost 15 pounds. Yup you heard me right! But how did I do it??

Luckily, I lived in a dorm with a full kitchen. When I first got to school, I was cooking all my meals and being really good about not eating out. But I got really tired of buying all these ingredients to make these good dinners, and then all of the stuff going bad before I could use it. I was losing money! It was like I was throwing money away every time I threw expired ingredients or bad vegetables away. So, to avoid this, I started to eat pasta and chicken for lunch and dinner every day. You could imagine that the pasta caught up to me really fast!

I had a second home at my Aunt and Uncle’s house that was about 30 minutes away from my school. They always had the best meals and my Aunt began telling me about Hello Fresh, where they got all of their meals from.

I fell in love with the idea of eating Hello Fresh! I purchased my first box right away and have been using it weekly for a little over a year now. Here are my top five reasons why I worship Hello Fresh:

1.     Everything is healthy AND yummy!

You know how hard it can be sometimes to find something that is healthy and yummy. Every meal comes with a protein (usually some type of meat or fish), some yummy veggie sides, and a carb or starch. They perfectly balance everything you should be eating!

2.     I get 3-4 servings out of each meal!

The way the Hello Fresh plans work are for either 2 people or 4. I order the package for 2 people and eat my leftovers for lunch or dinner again the next day. The meals are so filling and this is how I usually stretch them to 3 or even 4 servings. 

3.     I SAVE money with Hello Fresh!

Monthly, I was spending about $250 on fresh groceries, and I was even having to throw some away when they would go bad! With Hello Fresh, I pay $50.95 a week and get 3 incredible meals that I can stretch throughout the week. Saving money AND eating better!

4.     They only send you what you need!

I am never wasting with Hello Fresh! They send you the exact amount of ingredients you need! I never feel wasteful when I am cooking my Hello Fresh, and I never have leftover ingredients that I don’t know what to do with. 

5. I LOST weight on Hello Fresh!

The ingredients in Hello Fresh are so healthy and natural, and that’s how I lost 15 pounds in my freshman year. I was eating deliciously healthy food and my body couldn’t help but lose some weight!

Don’t feel like committing to this so soon? Try Hello Fresh by clicking here for $40 off your first delivery! This is an opportunity you cannot pass up! 

Enjoy and eat some yummy food this week :)