Kennedi Dale

How We Said Goodbye

Kennedi Dale
How We Said Goodbye

How I Said Goodbye to My Boyfriend


One year and 5 months ago, I said goodbye to my best friend, my boyfriend, my high school sweetheart. Greg and I were starting our long-distance relationships, and it was one of the toughest adjustments I had ever made in my life. 


After high school, Greg and his family moved away to North Carolina and I moved to the University of Central Florida. Let me just tell you, long distance is the worst. But we have found ways that work for us to make things easier! So if you and your significant other are looking at long distance now or in the future, here are some things that Greg and I do to keep our relationship fun and loving:

1.     Regular Date Nights

I know you’re thinking, how are we supposed to do date nights?? But, Greg and I make it a point to have a date night at least once, sometimes twice, a week. We FaceTime and get cozy at around 7pm and watch a movie on Netflix or Hulu together. Yup, that’s all! We just make sure to press play at the same time. (Use my code and join Hulu here .

2. Keep Each Other Updated

Odds are, if you and your significant other still live in the same town, or go to school together, you see each other very, very often, and know exactly what the other is doing and when they are doing it. Greg and I are actually a very fortunate long-distance couple as we see each other about once a month, or month and a half. But even if you only see your SO every few months, keeping each other updated is very important. Now, they don’t need to know absolutely everything that you are doing, but if you’re going to lunch with friends, or to a movie with some family, tell them!! It makes your SO feel involved, and happy that you want to keep them in the loop of your life.

3. Say Goodnight Every Night

I’ll say it again, say goodnight, every night. We FaceTime or call every night for a minute or two to say a quick goodnight to each other. It forces Greg and I to never go to sleep angry. Going to sleep with leftover anger is never good for anyone, let alone a couple.  Even if you want to fight about something until your SO agrees that you are right, that is not always the best thing. Once you have the opportunity to say “I love you, goodnight” Something just clicks, and it is easy to remember that there is lots of love hidden behind every fight.

4. Never Try to Make Your SO Jealous

Sometimes, people like to have fun and play some games with their SO and make each other crazy jealous. Like that episode of Gossip Girl when Blaire and Chuck play that game in the bar when Blaire picks a girl for Chuck to hit on and then Blaire would catch them about to kiss and embarrass the poor chosen girl. Yeah, don’t do that. When you’re doing long distance with your SO, jealousy becomes very, very real. So, just do your best to never make them jealous on purpose!

5. Never Say Goodbye

Whenever your SO leaves you, it’s really sad. I still cry every time Greg leaves. But it has gotten much easier as he has taught me to never say goodbye to him. As cheesy as this sounds, it is always a see you later. Every time we say see you later, we are one step closer to no longer being a long distance couple. Not saying goodbye has let me focus on seeing what our future holds together instead of all of the sadness in each goodbye.

You know, from the sounds of everything I have written so far is to make long distance better than what it is. But in all honesty, while doing long distance, Greg and I have become so much stronger as a couple. Every minute we have together in person, we value and cherish. Each moment and memory is so much more special then it was before. So I guess I have to say, thanks long distance for making Greg and I the best couple we can be.