Kennedi Dale

Why I'll NEVER Get a Manicure Again

Kennedi Dale
Why I'll NEVER Get a Manicure Again

Why I Will NEVER Get My Nails Done Again

I am a total manicure advocate.

Got a party? Get a manicure. 

Got work? Get a manicure. 

Got school? Get a manicure. 

Got ANY EVENT IN THE WORLD? Get a manicure!!

But...manicures are so expensive. Yes $20 might not seem like much money, but considering a manicure lasts about 2 weeks, you need to go twice a month. That’s $40 a month, or $480 a year (+ a LOT if you add pedi’s to all your mani’s). 

I hadn’t gotten a manicure in 6 months…a LONG time. I was getting antsy because I hated the way my nails looked, and my polish never lasts long. My Aunt referred me to Impressstick-on nails. I was very skeptical of them, but I heard lots of amazing things from quite a few people about these nails. So naturally, I headed to Target to pick out some cute nails. The package came with 30 nails total, including 6 accent nails. I picked out the navy nails with the light pint accent nails. 

I went home, sat down and did my nails. It took me FIFTEENN MINUTES. That’s all!! And here’s the best part. Those nails lasted me EIGHTEEN DAYS! 

Now with that being said, I had to replace one or two nails along the way, but my entire “manicure” only cost me $5.99 and lasted for almost a whole month. This is why I will never pay for a manicure again!

Want some Impress nails for yourself? Visit their website here.