Kennedi Dale

Our First Kiss

Kennedi Dale
Our First Kiss

Greg and I were so incredibly close for a year before we started dating. When we first started talking in December of 2016, I told him I did not want to be in a relationship. I did not want to go through a breakup right before leaving for college. In fact, that was the last thing I wanted. So later that month, I told him we shouldn’t date. 

The day after this, I spent one entire day heartbroken. I felt like I had lost my best friend. We hung out that afternoon with the rest of our friends, and it was so incredibly awkward. None of them knew. Finally, I asked him to go to the store with me to get a few last minute Christmas gifts. I was texting my best friend the entire time we were at the store. I was telling her how weird it was and how I just wanted our relationship to be the way it was before I told him I didn’t want to date. So my best friend took it upon herself to fix my issue…


She texted him, “KISS HER,”


There are three problems with this.



Yes he knew her, and yes he knew we were best friends, but he didn’t have her number!! So I don’t even know what was running through his head. 


#2- WE WERE JUST FRIENDS AT THE MOMENT (even both of us wanted more)

Had we both agreed to be friends? Yes. Were we both still madly in love with each other? Yes. Did either of us want to say anything? NOOOOO. 



We got in the car to go back to my friend’s house (right after he had gotten the text), and bent over at the waist, put his head in his knees, and literally convulsed in my front seat. I had no clue what was going on (only actually I absolutely knew what was going on ;)). 


So, we finally pull up to my friend’s house and I tell him I need to go home so I’m just gonna drop him off. I go inside with him to say a quick goodbye to all of my friends, and he decides to walk me back out to my car. I was so excited because I knew he was going to kiss me. I even started shaking a little bit. And then, it happened.






He gave me the most awkward side hug and ran back inside. I left thinking, “WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED???” Naturally, I called my best friend to ask her what the heck was going on and she had no clue either. Finally, I texted him when I got home and asked him what was wrong. He didn’t answer for what seemed like hours (it was only 3 minutes). And he replied, “I was going to kiss you, but I know that’s not what you want.”


What I wanted to respond:

“Hehe I know J”


What I really said:

“I would’ve kissed back.”


The next day, we were having a Christmas Eve brunch with our friends. When the brunch was over, I headed over to Kohls to get a cute outfit for Christmas Day. Greg and a few other friends tagged along. When we got to the store, everyone went their separate directions and I chose a few things to try on. 


This is when I texted Greg that I needed a little outfit advice (even though he doesn’t have the greatest sense of fashion) ((just kidding Greg, I love you)), and my plan started to fall into place. 

I walked out of the dressing room and everything started to happen in slow motion. I told him I was done trying on clothes, while he was taking a few steps closer to me. 


Finally, AFTER YEARS OF WAITING (only a few days), he grabbed me around my waist and kissed me. Fireworks went off and I like to say I fell for him that day. 


That was the day I knew how lucky I was to be in love with my best friend.