Kennedi Dale

How to Make a Few Extra Thousand Dollars: A Series #1

Kennedi Dale
How to Make a Few Extra Thousand Dollars: A Series #1

Welcome to Blissfully Blonde!

Before we get down and dirty talking about side hustles, answer this one question. 

Why are you googling Side Hustles? Take a minute to really think about your answer. 

 Next question. Why do so manypeople search for a side hustle?

I’ll tell you why I googled side hustles two years ago. I wanted to travel. I wanted to live somewhere that was extravagant. I wanted to graduate with no debt. I wanted to support my mom financially. I wanted to plan for my future. I wanted financial freedom.These are my why’s. What’s your why?

Let me tell you about my side hustle! 

Check out this video to hear a little bit about my business.

If you know me at all, you know that I do so much research before diving into anything. So, before I joined Rodan + Fields, I did a FAIR share of research. While spending hours on Google, I learned that Rodan + Fields was founded by the doctors that created Proavtic, had four lines of amazing skin products for every skin type, and it was the #1 skin-care company in the US. I read all of this, and how they pay thousands a month to some of its most successful consultants. = On top of your commission, they have some amazing incentive programs. One of the incentives is…a white Mercedes. WHAT?!

I already know what you’re thinking…this is too good to be true. But I promise, it’s not. I make an extra $500 a month as a Level 2 Consultant. And you can too! 

So where did I learn about Rodan + Fields?

I was introduced to Rodan + Fields when my volleyball coach and I were talking about eyelash extensions and she mentioned the R+F product that helped her eyelashes get fuller (click here for R+F’s world famous, Lash Boost!). She then told me about the company and referred me to one of her best friends and one of my previous coaches to join her team. 

After all of my research, why did I end up joining?  

When I joined Rodan + Fields, I was looking to earn enough money to support my mom and avoid any student loans and debt that I can. I think that joining this business provides a wonderful opportunity to accomplish these things. Rodan + Fields accomplished my why.  

The thing that impressed me the most about R+F is that the products actually work! It's not a company that sells false advertisement; they tell the truth, providing amazing results.

If you’re ready to start your side hustle journey to financial freedom, contact me today at